The Psychology of Plush Toys in Business

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Date published:
January 18, 2024

In the world of business, where suits and handshakes dominate the scene, plush toys seem like an unexpected guest. Yet, these cuddly companions have carved out their own niche in the corporate landscape, and it's as fascinating as it is fluffy!

Imagine you're walking into a high-powered meeting, your mind buzzing with figures and forecasts. Suddenly, you spot a plush bear perched on the conference table, its button eyes twinkling in the fluorescent light. It's unexpected, right? But here's the twist - this plush toy is more than just a cute mascot; it's a clever psychological tool.

Plush toys in the workplace, believe it or not, can be serious business. They're like a secret weapon for melting away the icy exterior of the corporate world. When you're in a room with a soft, smiling stuffed animal, it's hard to stay entirely in 'strictly-business' mode. This subtle shift in atmosphere can lead to more relaxed, creative, and collaborative meetings. It's like the plush toy is whispering, "Hey, it's okay to think outside the box and let your guard down a bit."

In a small office in Brighton, there's a penguin plushie that's become somewhat of a legend. Every time the team faces a challenging project, they pass around this penguin during brainstorming sessions. It's said that whoever holds the penguin has the 'power of creative thinking' – and you know what? It works like a charm!

But it's not just about making meetings more bearable (pun intended). Plush toys in business settings can also be a reflection of a company's culture and values. A company that embraces the playful presence of stuffed animals might be signalling a more open, friendly, and approachable ethos. It's a soft, furry handshake to the world saying, "We're serious about our work, but we also have a heart and a sense of humour."

So, the next time you spot a plush toy in a seemingly serious setting, remember - it's not just there for decoration. It's a psychological masterstroke, a fluffy ambassador of creativity and warmth in the often rigid world of business. And who knows, maybe that plush bear isn't just attending the meeting – maybe, just maybe, it's secretly running the whole show!