Designing Plush Toys Safely

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January 16, 2024

Designing plush toys safely is essential, especially for businesses considering them as promotional items or retail products. This article will outline the importance of meeting EN71 standards and UKCA compliance in this process. Let's explore the key aspects of designing plush toys with safety in mind.

EN71 Standards: The Teddy Bear Rulebook

EN71 isn't just a set of standards; it's a comprehensive guideline for ensuring the safety of toys. It's all about making sure that toys, including plush ones, are designed and manufactured with safety as the paramount concern. But how do these regulations apply to our plush wonders?

EN71-1: This one's all about physical properties. Are those little eyes securely stitched? Can that plush elephant withstand some rigorous hugs?

EN71-2: Flammability testing! Because, you know, you don't really want your promotional gems turning into fire hazards. Make sure your toys are made with flame-resistant materials - oh, and love cuddles… Not candlelight dinners.

EN71-3: The chemical part. Phthalates, heavy metals, and colourants have to meet specific requirements. Ensure that the colours and materials we use are safe for everyone, from the tiniest tots to the young at heart.

The Road to Safety

Now that you're equipped with a basic understanding of EN71, how do you make it all work together seamlessly?

  • Quality Materials: Start by choosing the right materials. Opt for high-quality, non-toxic, and flame-resistant fabrics that adhere to strict EN71-3 chemical standards.
  • Robust Testing: Before finalising your plush toy design, subject your prototypes to thorough testing to ensure they meet EN71-1 standards for mechanical safety. Your plush creations should withstand all the love, hugs, tugs, and squeezes they're likely to encounter.
  • Craftsmanship: Pay careful attention to the craftsmanship of your plush toys. Ensure that small parts, like eyes, are securely attached to meet EN71-1 standards. Quality stitching is key to long-lasting and safe plush toys.
  • Certification:
  • If you plan to sell your plush toys in the UK, obtaining UKCA certification is essential*. It's a symbol of safety, quality, and reliability that provides peace of mind to both you and your customers. *Edit: So.. turns out they're reverting to the standard European CE Marking in this regard - but still valid!
  • Compliance: Stay informed about evolving regulations and standards. Ensure that your plush toys consistently meet and even exceed safety requirements. Keeping up with compliance is crucial for the ongoing safety of your products.

As you venture into the world of plush toys, safety must be at the forefront of your journey. At Custom Toys UK, we possess a deep understanding of EN71 standards and UKCA compliance, ensuring that your plush toy line, whether it's a new mascot or a promotional offering, is in capable hands. So, continue on your path to create a softer, safer world - one adorable little guy at a time.