Why Character-Lead Marketing?

June 28, 2022 9:25

So, this year, after a fleeting summer – we slowly begin the transition into the later months of the calendar. This means – try not to panic – Christmas is coming. I know, I know – but it’s only just hit September – right? *Incorrect buzzer sound* Wrong! Before you know it, the last few months of the year will slip away and we’ll be setting up the Christmas decs in next to no time, followed by an unhealthy – yet expected – level of panic as the unprepared take to the high street for some last-minute shopping. I love Christmas, but there’s no denying it brings its own special form of chaos.

One constant that doesn’t change though, something that we all seem to do every year.

The unspoken, yet official Christmas countdown.

I saw the Coca-Cola Christmas advert last night! Have you seen this year’s John Lewis advert? How cute is the carrot in the Aldi ad?

When you’ve seen the ads start rolling, you know the festivities have begun.

For marketers, Christmas truly is – the most wonderful time of the year.

Some of the most expensive campaigns come out over Christmas. This isn’t by chance, companies know that people are already in buying-mode over this period, and they look to capitalise in a big way.

They bring out the big guns. The character-lead campaigns.

This is a battle of the brands at its finest. Huge campaigns – many of them with hefty budgets – competing for your attention.

But the thing is – they’re not competing, are they?

See, unlike traditional marketing, that people can only take so much of before it all just transitions into a large corporate blur. People actually want to see these adverts, they want to see the cute characters, they want to know their stories.

That’s true! But – what should I do about it? Make a Christmas ad?

I’m glad you asked! But no, there’s no need to start finding funds to roll out massive Christmas campaigns. We’re taking the concept of marketing people want to see, and applying it – all year long.

Bringing that little bit of Christmas magic all year round.

But if that works, why aren’t the big companies doing that?

Good question, but one that I have an answer for.

See big companies are doing it all year, or at least the ones that need to. Companies like Compare the Market and Octopus Energy use mascots all year round because they offer a service.

They don’t know exactly when you’ll need their business, so they keep their character campaigns running all year round, so that when you do – they’ll be front-of-mind.

Companies like Aldi, John Lewis and Coca-Cola only need a big-hitting campaign at Christmas, because they only need you to try their stores/ products once. If the John Lewis advert inspires a trip to the store, and you enjoy your experience – chances are you’re coming back. Likewise, if you drink a Coke after seeing the advert, and you like the taste – you’ll probably buy it again.

However your business is set up, character-lead campaigns are winners.

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